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Les Payagistes Royal Suprême Inc. offers a wide variety of services


The installation of unistone pavers is a great value because its durability is outstanding. Very resistant to the rigors of the Quebec climate throught freezing and thawing . The pavers are used for driveways, slabs, steps and several other applications.



Whether big or small, easy or imposing, the layout of your property must be planned and designed in harmony with your home. A successful design will give the final touch to your home or business. Royal Supreme Landscaping Inc. will handle all your landscaping needs.   



To replace your private driveway or for an extension of your driveway, Royal Supême has the materials and techniques to make the job clean and durable.



For your excavation needs Les Paysagistes Royal Suprême inc. has all the machinery for a job well done. For small work that requires a mini-excavator or for bigger jobs we have dump trucks, loaders, & backhoes. 


Sod laying (lawn)

Laying sod ( turf ) has several advantages: less maintenance than a freshly seeded lawn, immediate result, uniformity of grass all over the field, no weeds (which tend to invade lawns traditionally sown). The turf density also provides natural resistance to insects and weeds.

Snow Removal

For residential or commercial snow removal, please communicate with us for details, availabilty and rates.


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